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What can I tell you about me?

He began his creaƟve journey while sƟll at school when he became a member of his school’ s photographic club. Determined to explore the many dimensions/the discipline, he joined the NaƟonal Photographic Art Society and later honed his craŌ under the watchful eye of the renowned photographer , Lal Hegoda. Later he obtained pracƟcal insights into commercial photography and thereby expanded his horizons further by working with senior commercial photographer , BerƟe Gunase kera.

Working as a packaging designer , he constantly strived to develop his creaƟve talents. As a result, although a professional photographer , Dhammika was successful in developing an idenƟty for himself as someone who was parƟcularly adept at capturing the natural aestheƟcs of the parƟcular subject.

He has won many awards and accolades for his work which has appeared in several reputed monthly magazines. His photography is marked by an eye for the unique in natural landscapes as well as the stark and unforgiving character of industrialisaƟon and the unevenness of inter-human relaƟonships.

A constant inquirer and student, Dhammika Weerawansa is a photographer whose work has the signature of one who recognises the complexity and uƟlity that invariably come as blend in a high quality photograph.

This collecƟon includes a series of charming photographs captured through his camera during a period of nearly three decades.